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New Year, New Story

Hello all! It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it. And let me tell you, things around here sure have changed.
In the past year, the kids and I have moved twice, Selina has attended 4 schools, I got a new job and I went back to school. And honestly, we couldn’t been happier.

We moved to a new house the week after Christmas. The house is located in a small town just outside of Salem, Oregon. You how some small towns give you that feeling of being so isolated from your neighbors because no one cares? Yeah, definitely not true in this town. Here’s a perfect example:

Last week I called the power company that is based in Portland to ask about my account balance being $0 (really, I should have just let it go) and the girl who answered the phone went on and on about how wonderful my new town is. Turns out that she was born and raised here. Gave me a great recommendation for a pizza place.

But what’s the most important is that the kids are happy. They have a great big play room and a huge fenced backyard where we can have a veggie garden in the spring. Also, we have a craft room now. Let me tell you how much of a win that is with Selina. Epic win.

And now, my friends, it is time for me to say goodbye for now. I’ll be back next Wednesday with something new and exciting to tell you.

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