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A Typical Thanksgiving Blog

Once upon a time, pilgrims came to North America, killed all the natives and took control of the “new” world.  And our forefathers decided to celebrate this!  Hurrah! Feasts! Family! Black Friday!


That concept is so clearly wrong.  So instead of the pilgrim story this year, my family has written our own story.  Why we are thankful this year.  Here it is:


Unknown to us, the Cortez family started 5 and a half years ago when Matt and I first went on our first date.  We went to see Pan’s Labyrinth.  And then we ate Del Taco.  Typical college date.  A year later, after much drama, we welcomed a beautiful little girl into our little piece of the world.  Simply said, we loved her.  She was the light of our lives.  I am thankful for her health, her attitude and her ability to go with the flow.  She brings so much stability to our lives.  Without her, my heart would be broken.  Several years later, Matt and I were married.  I am thankful for the promises we made and the sense of responsibility we feel towards each other.  I am thankful for his hard work and his loving gazes he gives his children.  Several years later, we bought a house together.  I am so grateful for a stable place we can call our own and raise our children.  We are able to do what we like with what we have.  We have the ability to make the most of our lives in a warm and comfortable environment. How many people can say that this year?  I know we are fortunate to have 2 jobs that pay enough to give us everything we need.  Then, 6 months ago, we welcomed a bouncy and giggly baby boy into our hearts.  I am thankful for Selina’s innate ability to love her little brother.  I am thankful for his developmental strides as he learns so quickly.


And lastly, I am thankful for my marriage.  While we have our ups and downs, just like any couple, I am thankful that we have always been able to get it straight again.  I am grateful that we will be able to that, no matter what. Literally.  No matter what.


And now for something much more entertaining!


Selina, bless her soul, wanted to play doctor with her brother yesterday morning.  We were on our way out the door to meet Papa for breakfast so I said “You can play doctor when we get home.”  When we got home, Evin was asleep.  I decided to take that opportunity and hop in the shower.  Selina’s task was to “watch” her brother while he slept, AKA “stay in the same room and go get mom if he starts crying.”  We’ve done this many, many times before (how else do you thing I shower?).   I’m almost done when Selina walks in the bathroom with a horrified look on her face.  She proceeds to tell me “Brother woke up when I gave him a shot.”  Wait, what?!?!?  She couldn’t wait to play doctor with him and decided to play with him while he was sleeping, effectively waking him up.  Good job Pookie.  I guess I should have been much clearer when I first told her “later.”


And on a side note, Thanksgiving style,  Ben Franklin enjoyed eating turkey just as much as the next person and did not want it to be our national bird.  Look  here’s proof.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  I hope you spend a wonderful day with your families, writing your own thankful story.

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