The Zombie Fighting Birthday Girl

As I sit here this afternoon, with the baby on my lap, I can’t help but think of this day four years ago…

At 9 am the morning before, I had called my sister-in-law and said “How do you feel about a trip to Portland?” After much squealing on her part, she picks me and my bags up from the house and we take off to Portland.  Around that same time, my mother-in-law and brother-in-law are searching for my husband at his newly started job at the hospital in town.  They find him, finally, and tell him that he’d better get on the road… His daughter is coming!

My spunky little girl was born 4 years ago at 12:20am.  (It was a very long day) We are celebrating 4 extremely full years of life, spunk, passion and independence.  And meltdowns. We can’t forget the meltdowns.  For her gift, we bought 2 tickets to the Fresh Beat Band’s concert next month. It will be a great Mommy/ Selina day, which we’ve had a lot less of since Little Brother was born. But I’ve also decided to give her something more: a healthy future. As of October first, we have given up fast food.  And no, I haven’t told her.

I made a great meatloaf the other day, complete with “hidden” carrot puree.  It wasn’t hidden very well because Selina was the one who put it in the mixing bowl and then spent the next 10 minutes telling me how yummy it was and how we should just eat that, and only that.  While I am proud of her desire to eat carrots in a variety of ways, I had to explain what a balanced meal was and why we needed that balance.   I told her yesterday “No, you can’t have just a jelly sandwich for lunch, you need protein, like peanut butter.”  Imagine how my heart swelled when she replied “Will peanut butter make it balance?”  Yes, my dear girl, it will.


Our gift of not more fast food is doing more than helping with the health of our family.  It’s teaching us all how to manage our time so we don’t have to rely on the convenience of greasy, unhealthy food.  I can only imagine how this will hold up in 10 years when we are even more busy.  But trial and error now, means some sort of perfection later on down the road.  And I use the word “perfection” very loosely.


And now, I’m off to play “zombie fighting” with the birthday girl.  And yes, the immobile Little Brother is the zombie.



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3 responses to “The Zombie Fighting Birthday Girl

  1. Scott

    Hey, I took that pic. =P Happy birthday Selina. Good luck with the fast food. It’s not as hard as it seems.

  2. We haven’t managed to give up Fast Food entirely yet, but there are some healthier versions of it out there when you get in a real pinch. My kids get excited when we occasionally grab Subway (a low fat meat on 6-inches of whole wheat isn’t bad, and if you skip the cheese and pile on the veggies, it’s even better) or Arby’s plain roast beef (skip the fries and soda) isn’t a horrible alternative either. There are probably some other decent options, too. Those are just the ones we rely on when we can’t manage to avoid it.

    • I know there are times that it cannot be avoided. I think that Burgerville is “healthier” than other options. Plus, they’re local. We also LOVE In-n-Out. We only get it a couple times a year when we’re driving through California to my parent’s place. It’s a very special treat for us all.

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